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Book Your Sound Healing


The only place I ever wish to lead anyone is back to themselves.

Want to have an intimate sound healing event with people you love or work with, in your space & unwind together as a group in an environment that you feel the most comfortable in?


I offer 60 - 90 minute sound healing private events ~ 


Sound baths are a non-invasive healing modality, opening our body’s to healing from the inside-out, as the vibration of the crystal bowls move energy through our vessels. 


This would be an incredibly thoughtful gift or event for any (a corporate wellness event, retreats and health/wellness retreats, art festivals, anniversaries, a birthday, celebration of life, full or new moon ceremonies, or even just to gather people you love together for a unique and empowering experience!) 

Please include this information in your e-mail for your private sound healing:

- Dates and times that work for you (at least 3 dates to accommodate)

- Number of people that will be attending.

- Location (I am also able to offer virtual if needed)

- Specified duration of time (please note that set up takes approximately 30 mins before and 30 mins after.)  

- (If any) Known allergies to sage / palo santo / incense smells / essential oils: I usually smudge the space before we begin to cleanse the energy and center everyone. 

Minimum cost for a private sound healing is $200.

This covers up to 10 people for a 1 hour sound healing. Additional people are $20 per person.

[Depending on the time and number of people, prices may vary. I am willing and open to discussing prices that work for your group!]

As Ram Dass (one of my greatest teachers) says, "We are all just walking each other home," and I'm grateful to walk these journeys with every single one of you.


It is an honor that I don't take lightly to serve our community and collective in this empowering and transformative way.  


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