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Blurry Gradient
Blurry Gradient



Hillary is a lover of this grand universe we get to inhabit for a while.. a yoga student and teacher, sound healer, meditation student/ teacher, a forever student of life and sharing what lights her up with others is her favorite part of this grand adventure. She feels her souls work is utilizing the power of vibration, sound and natural healing modalities to touch that calm, deepest place within you to remind you of your power to heal yourself. These practices will help you alchemise your human confusion and pain to healing and clarity. 


Her mission is to empower and remind everyone of their ability to self-heal while cultivating high-vibrational experiences where community, inspiration, healing, and transformation through presence can be found. Her offerings are for everyone, and will reconnect you to your innate rest and restore nervous system while healing ourselves from the inside-out, because it truly is an inside job. 


When we are most relaxed, we are our most authentic, powerful, loving and pure selves. Only then can we do what we came here to do. To be our authentic, unique, powerful blueprints that only we can offer the collective consciousness. We are individual puzzle pieces in the grand mystery of it all.

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